Thunderbird Emails Go In Trash

The Thunderbird email client started trashing this readers emails.

“All of a sudden about 70% of my emails show up in my trash bin. I use Thunderbird with my Yahoo and Gmail put in so i can use filters to put into separate folders. It was working until this happened can you tell me why the filters wok sometimes? I have put addresses in my address book there are times i move a email from trash to my inbox and it goes right back to trash.”

First, start by reviewing your message filters and double-checking if any of them have an issue that could be causing this.

Click the three-line menu bar at the top-right of the inbox and choose Message Filters from the drop-down menu.

Click on Edit to double-check the filter’s actions.

One suggestion is to tell it to filter messages before the Junk Classification.

Another possibility is that Thunderbird’s Adaptive Junk Mail Settings got a little over zealous. Let’s check to see if you have it turned on.

Open your Thunderbird inbox and click the three-line menu bar at the top right. Choose Options from the drop-down menu.

Choose Account Settings.

When the Account Settings window opens, choose Junk.

Check to see if you have adaptive spam controls enabled. Also make sure you’ve ticked the box next to Personal Address Book to ensure email from people you know is not filtered out. You may want to experiment with adjusting these settings.

If you use IMAP settings with your email provider, it’s possible their email server is moving messages into the trash. Go check your online inbox to double-check for that issue.

If none of these are the cause, you may need to go nuclear and delete all of your filters.

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