Opening A Download

A reader wants a hand opening a download.

“We have a Dell desktop 8.1 internet explorer 11, I downloaded a Dell manual in Internet Explorer, now none of my downloads will open, how do I open internet explorer to get my downloads.”

You don’t say what type of file your manual is, but I’m going to guess that it’s a PDF. Internet Explorer doesn’t have a built-in PDF reader. My advice to you is to use another browser like Chrome or Firefox, both of which have built-in PDF readers to open the file. (or Edge for those using Windows 10.)

You can also download a free PDF reader program like Acrobat. Be careful. Adobe tries to piggyback McAfee security add-on onto your download. Definitely uncheck that box unless you don’t want it.

Once you have either Chrome, Firefox, or Adobe Acrobat installed, go to your downloads folder and right-click on the PDF file. Then choose Open with from the menu.

Then choose the program you want to use to view the PDF. I’m going to select Chrome.

The PDF will open in a Chrome tab.

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