How To Stop Robocalls

Did you know that over 50% of calls to phones are Robocalls? Many of them are scams. Some of us get dozens of them per day. There is a way to stop them. Plus it’s free for your landline.

I’ve talked about this service before but I thought I’d bring it up again. You see, a lady messaged our Facebook site because our article came up when she Googled the service. Her phone company suggested she get the service but gave her no direction on how to set it up.

Let me tell you how Nomorobo can actually stop the calls before they get to you. It works on traditional landlines, Internet landlines, and smartphones.

Start by clicking here to visit the site. (

The first thing you see is an informational video. I suggest watching the video which explains how the service works. The video is just under a minute and a half long and I thought it did a great job of convincing me Nomorobo is a useful service.


Nomorobo blocks calls by using a simultaneous ring, which means your number will ring to more than one phone at a time. When the first phone picks up, the ringing stops. When a NomoRobo number is set as one of those phones, it can use their highly sophisticated software to screen the call and pass legitimate calls on to you. If it’s an illegal robo-call, the service hangs up and you never get the call.  With this service enabled, you do need to wait for the second ring to answer the call.

The service came about when creator Aaron Foss won a Federal Trade Commission contest to develop solutions to telephone spam. He initially tried to offer the tech to phone carriers, but they weren’t interested. So, he decided to start his own company, using the simultaneous ring feature offered by many phones services.

Nomorobo is free for home users, but there’s a fee for businesses and other organizations. Places like EMS services are willing to pay for the service to keep their lines from being clogged by robo-calls.

To begin, click the Get Started button. I noticed right away that they offer this service for both Landlines and Wireless Carriers! Landlines are free, but wireless carries cost $1.99 per month per device. Choose between a smartphone, Internet landline, or traditional phone landline. Traditional landlines are a new addition to this service since the last time we profiled it.


Once you choose which service you use, enter your phone number to see if the service is available.


If they can’t detect your carrier from your number, you can look for it on a list.


If your carrier does support it, Nomorobo will send you an e-mail that will provide you with the steps you need to set up the service. Clicking the link they’ve provided will take to the registration form where you’ll enter your name and create a password. It will auto log you in and you’ll need to click the blue Click Here to Get Started button. Then you’ll just follow the steps to add your phone lines!

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