Facebook Privacy: Who Sees What I Post?

Who sees what you post on Facebook? That depends on your privacy settings. Let me show you how to control them.

We’ll start by opening Facebook in a browser. It doesn’t matter which browser. Click the arrow that looks like an upside down triangle at the top right.

Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

When Settings opens, click on Privacy at your left.

Under Your Activity, click on Who can see your future posts.

The default setting is Friends. That means whenever you make a post, all of your Facebook friends will be able to see it.

Click the box to see more options.

Other options on the drop-down menu are Public. That means anyone on or off Facebook can view your posts. You might potentially come up in a Google or Yahoo search result.

Friends except… allows to exclude just one or a group of people from a particular post. If you have a friend who is especially afraid of spiders, you might leave her out of posts about the eight-legged freaks. Or if you want to share a post about a surprise party for your brother, you could exclude him.

Pick the friends, friends, or list of friends you want to exclude from the list. Then choose Save changes.

Click the More arrow for additional options.

Choose Specific friends and only one friend or a selected few friends can view your post. Maybe it’s a topic that would only interest a few of your friends.

Pick the friend or friends and select Save changes.

Choose Only me and the only one who can see the post is you.

Next, click on See All.

Click on Custom to create your own special lists.

All or exclude people to the custom settings. Make sure to save the changes.

You can also choose from your default and custom lists.

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