Here’s a tech term you may not have heard. It’s actually one of the first ones I learned when I started working in television back in the late 1980s.

It’s called “boot.” As in , “rebooting your computer or booting your computer up. What does it mean to “boot” your computer?

Well, it doesn’t mean kicking it to the curb, though sometimes you could be tempted when it acts up.

It simply means turning it on or turning it off and on. Starting up a computer or any other device is called “booting.”

When you turn on a computer, you’re booting it up. If you press the off button to turn your device completely off, that’s a “cold boot.”

When you select restart on a computer, that’s a re-boot also known as a “warm boot.”

It’s a running joke that tech support people ask you if you’ve tried turning it off and on, but sometimes it’s the quickest way to fix what’s ailing you.