Windows 10 Search Box: Part 2

Yesterday, we started our exploration of the new look for the Windows 10 search box in v. 2004. (Click here to read that article)

Today, let’s take an even closer look. When you click in the Search Box, you now get kind of mini-desktop.

Shortcuts to your most-used apps are displayed at the top. Click to open them.

Below that, you’ll see recently opened files.

To the right of that, there are shortcut searches to news and weather.

Click for a quick forecast.

Or top news.

Click the Apps tab to view your recent and most used Apps. If you click the Apps tab before making a search, Windows will only show you results that are apps.

Click on Documents to see recent documents.

Click on the Web tab…

… then start typing your search.

The Bing search results will appear to the right. You can click to open in a browser.

Tomorrow, in part 3, we’ll learn how to access your search settings.

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