Windows 10’s New Search Box

In Windows 10’s most recent update, the search box has a brand new look. Let’s check it out.

Start by clicking in the search box.

The search menu will open.

You can just start typing to search. You’ll notice that search offers suggestions, much the way a web search does.

Search for files, programs, documents, images, or do a web search. Click on any result to open. Notice my results included a file folder, web results, images, and documents.

If I click one of the tabs at the top, it will filter the result. I’ll click on Documents.

My results are filtered into only documents.

Click the drop-down arrow next to More for additional search options like photos, settings and email.

For example, now all of my results are emails.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at more features of the new search box.

3 thoughts on “Windows 10’s New Search Box

  1. I wish I could enlarge the text size w/o making the screen boxes large. The screen sizes don’t fit when I go to different sites, after I increased text size. I have to R – L scroll to read the info on screens. I also do not have the latest version. My version is 1909. Thanks, Trish

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