Your Phone – Make Calls From Your PC

There’s a great new feature in the latest update to Windows 10. You can now use the Your Phone app to make and receive voice calls. Your computer must have a microphone to use this feature.

Yesterday I showed you how to download and set up the Your Phone app on your Android phone. Then I explained how to send and receive texts. Click here to learn how that works.

Start by typing Your Phone in the search box and clicking on the result.

When the app opens, click on the Calls icon on the left.

You’ll need to pair your phone and PC to receive and make calls. Click on Get started on your PC.

To set up your phone, you’ll need to pair via Bluetooth. Just click on Set up.

You’ll get a permission notice on your phone.

Plus a pairing notification on the PC.

You will also have to give permission for your computer to display your recent phone call history.

Then confirm that on your phone.

Now, you’re read to make a call.

Select a contact from a recent call and click the phone icon.

Or start typing in the field at the top of the dial pad to select a contact. You can also just type in a number.

Once you’ve selected the number…

… Click the phone icon to dial.

A notification will pop up on your PC that the call is being dialed. Click the drop-down arrow to see the full notification.

The call will display in a pop-up window. You can do whatever else you want on the PC while having the conversation. The length of the call will display just under the name. To mute the call, click the mic icon. To end the call, click the phone icon.

When a call comes in, you’ll get this pop-up. You’ll see a caller ID at the top and have the choice of accepting or declining the call.

Pretty neat feature. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

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