Mac Pages – Layout & More

Today we continue our look at the free Mac Pages word processor that comes with your Mac computer.

Yesterday in part one, we got the basics. You can click here to read that article.

Today, we’ll check out more options for formatting your document.

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Let’s check out the panel at the left. Yesterday, we explored the Style tag and learned how to customize text. Today, we’ll click the Layout tab.

From Layout you can adjust columns, indentations, tabs, and borders.

Click the More tab to set pagination and paragraph options.

Now, let’s move up to the top of your page to check out the options on the ribbon.

Click on Insert to find options for page, lines, and sections breaks along with numbering and counting choices. You can also inserts footnotes, equations, links, and bookmarks.

Click the table icon to select from a multiple table options.

There are also plenty of choices for charts.

Clicking Text at the top inserts a Text box. Those are most useful for newsletters and presentations.

You have a huge library of shapes in various categories to use to liven up your documents. Type into the search box to search for shapes by names.

Choose Media to add photos, videos, music, and more. Obviously videos and music can’t be included in physical documents.

There’s a lot you can do to jazz up a document.

But we aren’t finished yet. Tomorrow we’ll get the basics on saving, printing, and other important tasks.

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