Password Checkup – Strong Passwords

How strong are your passwords? If you use Google Chrome, they have a handy tool to assess the strength of all of your saved passwords.

We’ve been learning about password security all week.

Click here to learn how to check if your password was compromised.

Click here to learn how to make sure your password is unique.

Start by going to this link:

AT the top of the Google Security Checkup page, your first option is to check your saved passwords.

Click the arrow at the right.

Click on Go to Password Checkup.

Log into Google.

If Chrome detects any week passwords, it will alert you.

Click on Create strong passwords to see the list of accounts with problematic passwords.

You’ll see a list of the accounts that Google thinks have week passwords.

Click three dot menu-icon at the right to see options to View password, Update saved password, and Delete password. These options won’t change your password for the accounts listed. For that, you’ll need to select Change password and head to the site in question. Find your account and choose change password.

Here’s where Chrome can come in handy. There’s a built-in setting that will suggest strong passwords every time you need to create one. I’ll show you how that works in part 4 of this series.

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