Password Checkup: Have I Been Compromised?

How safe are your passwords? If you have passwords stored Google Chrome, it’s easy to run a quick safety checkup.

Start by going to this link:

AT the top of the Google Security Checkup page, your first option is to check your saved passwords. If Google thinks there’s an issue with a password, you’ll see a red exclamation point.

Click the arrow at the right.

As you can see some of my passwords were among those compromised in data breaches at other sites. Even if none of your passwords were compromised, you can still do a checkup.

Click on Go to Password Checkup.

Log into Google.

See the results of your password check.

Let’s start by checking passwords that were exposed in data breaches. Remember, these are not security breaches at Google or on your computer or even at the sites mentioned. It just means the username password you use was among the usernames and passwords exposed in a data breach somewhere.

Click the three-dot menu icon to view, update your saved password, or delete your password. Updating or deleting your password here doesn’t change it or remove it from the site. For that, you need to click on Change Password.

That will take you to the website, where you’ll have to find your account info and change the password.

We’ll continue our password checkup tomorrow.

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