You don’t need a Kindle, tablet, or phone to read Amazon Kindle books. You can read them on any computer with a browser. I was inspired to write about this by a message from a reader.

“I just had an extremely long chat with Amazon.  It was a real challenge.  Maybe this is good for another article.  Who knows how many of us haven’t dug out old Kindles or iPads that we downloaded eBooks to and now want to read.  I have over 500 eBooks from Amazon in both an original issue Kindle and an old iPad that I want to read on my PC.  Doesn’t sound like a big problem, right?  All I need to do is download the ‘Kindle for PC app’.  So if it’s that easy, I wonder why I was on a chat for more than an hour, with the privilege of returning if I need more help. You know I am not digitally inclined, but over an hour?  I guess I am that dense, or we were not on the same page, or.  Anyway – pitching the idea to you for an article to help other older seniors in the same boat. “

It’s often very frustrating to communicate with tech support people We tech people have a tendency to think that people understand terms we use because we use them every single day.

Let me start with the simplest solution possible:

You actually don’t need to download anything at all to read your Kindle books on any computer. Just go to your Kindle Cloud Reader at this link:

If you’re not already logged in to your Amazon account, just enter your email address and password.

All of your books will appear. Just click on the book to start reading.