A reader responded to my article about the Kindle Cloud Reader with this question:

“Son-of-a-Gun, Cyn – how did you know I needed that URL? I’ve been looking for something like that every since I got my Kindle a few months ago. That Cloud has always confused me – am I allowed to put as many books in there as I want to? I bypass many free ones that are offered that I’d like to read, afraid that I’d get too many stacked up, There is no limit in this Cloud? I would appreciate any Kindle news , old or new, that you come up with. I’m still learning how to use it. And THANK YOU! You really made me happy!”

Glad to help. I’ll keep that in mind. My other job is writing mysteries, so the more people using the Kindle, the better.

And yes, your Kindle cloud storage is unlimited. Any books you purchase from Amazon come with free cloud storage. The same holds true for movie and music.

Your only storage limitation is when you download them onto a device. It is possible, though difficult, to fill up a Kindle. But all you’d have to do is remove some books from your device. They are still available in the cloud to download again at any time. So, go ahead and get as many books as you want.