What’s A Shortcut?

Here’s another tech term I use an awful lot that I’ve recently discovered some folks aren’t familiar with: Shortcut

What’s a shortcut? A shortcut is an icon connected to a file or a program. Not too sure what an icon is? Here are some examples. These little pictures on my desktop are icons. They’re little pictures that represent files and programs.

Shortcuts are icons that you can place on a desktop, homepage, or toolbar, or start menu that you can click on to access a file or program. It’s a much simple process than opening up all of your system files and finding the actual program.

When you double-click on a shortcut on your PC, the program starts or the file opens. On a phone, you’d tap once on an icon for an app.

Where do shortcuts go on a computer? You can put them on the desktop. you can also add them to a taskbar on a Windows computer.

The Start Menu if full of shortcuts. All of the square you see are shortcuts.

I hope that clears things up.

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