Hibernate Laptop When You Close The Lid

A reader would like his laptop PC to hibernate when he shuts the lid.

“I’m writing to you again because your articles and advice have always been so helpful, the best tech support around. I am running win 10 ver 2004 on an Dell XPS13. In the not-so-distant past when I closed the laptop cover the computer would hibernate, now it sleeps, I hope.

Did hibernate go away or is it somewhere hiding. I tried windows search and got no useful information.”

First, let’s discuss the difference between hibernate and sleep.

  • In Sleep mode, your computer goes into a low-power mode with a dark screen. 
  • Hibernation mode is designed mostly to be used with laptops. Your PC uses no power while hibernating. Hibernation saves your open documents and programs to your hard drive and then turns off your computer. 

Here’s how set up hibernation on your Windows 10 laptop. Start by searching for Control Panel in your search box and clicking on the result.

Then select System and Security.

Pick Power Options.

Select Choose what closing the lid does.

This menu will open. You can choose different power options depending on whether your laptop is running off battery or plugged in.

Go down to When I close the lid and click in the box. Choose Hibernate from the drop-down menu.

Don’t forget to save the changes.

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