Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant

I’ve been having a weird problem with Outlook in Office 365. Every time I try to open it an error.

Running the Office repair tool didn’t take care of the problem. So I decided to try the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.

When I arrived at the page, I clicked on Download.

Once the file downloaded, I clicked to run.

Then chose Install when the window opened.

Then select the product you’re having an issues with. Then click Next.

Select your problem from the list and click Next.

Let the program know if you’re working on the computer that’s having the problem.

In my case, I needed to sign into my email account.

So, I’d like to tell you the happy story of how this download fixed my problem. However, we are all about honesty here. It couldn’t even figure out how to access my Microsoft 365 account. For my purposes it was absolutely useless.

However, that doesn’t mean you might not be able to find help with your problem. Wish me luck on my Outlook troubleshooting.

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  1. Depending on your operating system: click “Run” in the Start Menu, or simultaneously press the Windows key and “R” to open the “Run” dialog box
    Type in the command outlook.exe /resetnavpane (note the blank space) into the text field and confirm it by pressing “OK”
    Start Outlook

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