Can’t Access Files

A reader is having trouble accessing files on his home network after the most recent Windows 10 update:

“Both computers can recognize each other on the  network, each is listed by its proper name. When I’m on the laptop and try to access files on the main computer, it says “You do not have permission to access this computer. Ask the administrator to give you access”. OK, but we cannot find out how to do this. It happened after the last big update a week or so ago.”

Let’s see if we can’t troubleshoot:

Make sure you are logged in as administrators on both computers.  Type Manage Your Account into the Search Box and click on the results. Make sure it says that both of you are administrators on your accounts.  

If you are both properly logged in as admins, we can dig a little deeper. Start by typing Control panel in your search box. Click on the result.

When Control panel opens, click on network and internet.

Choose Network and sharing.

Click on Change advance sharing settings at the left.

Turn on network discovery and file and printer sharing.

I’m happy to report that the solution worked for the reader.

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