Joker Malware Isn’t Funny

Google had been fighting for years to remove apps containing the Joker fleeceware from the Google Play Store but these malicious apps still keep sneaking.

Joker is a kind of malware known as ‘fleeceware.’ It hijacks your text messages and subscribes you to unwanted services.

The scammers hide the malware in legitimate-looking apps in the Google Play Store. Google’s already removed hundreds of these sneaky app. But the security experts at Praedo found six more of them. Those six apps had already been installed 200,000 times.

Joker was hidden in security apps…

Scanner apps…

… and even wallpaper.

Here’s a list of the six apps:

  • Safety AppLock
  • Convenient Scanner 2
  • Push Message-Texting&SMS
  • Emoji Wallpaper
  • Separate Doc Scanner
  • Fingertip GameBox

If you have any of them installed on your phone, delete immediately. Google has removed them from the Play Store.

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