Apple Fraud

A reader alerted me about yet another email scam:

I captured this.  I DO NOT have anything Apple.  Sooo.  I think this is a fraud.  They wanted me to download the receipt.  Yeah right!!!  Did I open a can of worms?  The fact I clicked on it in my in box.?

This is a classic example of a phishing scam. They try to lure you into clicking by making you think someone’s made a purchase with your account.

It’s a clever use of a subject line. Many of us get order verifications all the time. And if you didn’t make the order, your natural instinct is to click to cancel it. This is the way that so many computer networks get infected with ransomware. One person in the office clicks to download the attachment and suddenly the whole network if infected or locked.

Just viewing the email shouldn’t be enough to cause a problem. You would normally have to click on a link or open an attachment to get the ball rolling on install the malware. But you can run a security scan just be sure.

Good on you for not going for these phishermen’s bait and getting hooked.

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