Is A Hedgehog A Good Pet?

I have a confession to make: I really love hedgehogs. I think I can trace it all back to an episode of Fairytale Theater called “Hans My Hedgehog.”

This nifty little site looks at whether these adorably spiny little fellows make good pets.

It offers an in-depth guide that educates readers about the species (African Pygmy Hedgehogs are the kind people keep for pets) and explores whether or not these adorable little guys would be a good fit for your life.

You’ll also learn all about their special dietary and care needs. Even if you aren’t thinking about getting one as a pet, it’s fun to learn about them and look at some adorable pictures.

Click here to check them out:

One thought on “Is A Hedgehog A Good Pet?

  1. This is terrible … as a small child (Many years ago) I had encountered many Hedgehogs at our home. They are lovely little Animals but totally wild and happy without human contact. In fact human contact will normally cause the Hedgehog to curl into a ball (Protective instinct).

    I have always loved Hedgehogs .. But they are not PETS … They are very active at night (When you are asleep) …. let then live their lives and stick to cats or dogs for pets.

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