Lost Windows Password

A reader needs help getting into her computer.

“My wife recently had a stroke. In her diminished cognitive capacity, she had accidentally changed or got locked out of a few bank accounts. We were able to work through this over the phone with the banks. So now my problem is that her login on her laptop running windows 10 says it is incorrect and we can’t get in. Any advice?”

If her log-in was the same as her Windows/Microsoft Account, you may be able to recover by clicking here and following the instructions. 

You’ll need a working email address where they can send the recovery information. Just enter the address for the account and a contact email address. You’ll also have to verify with CAPTCHA code.

If she set up a phone or email for account recovery, this process should go fairly quickly. Let me know if it works.

*UPDATE – the reader informed me that it did.

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