Windows 10 Rules The Roost

I thought it might be fun to check out the numbers for operating systems to see how Windows stacks up against Mac and Chromebook

According to NetMarketShare:

  • Windows still rules the roost. It’s found on 87% of desktop and laptop computers.
  • Mac is a distant second, found on 9.4% of desktop and laptop computers.
  • Linux in all its forms is way back at 2.4 %.
  • Chromebooks are popular in school settings but only account for less than one-half of 1% of devices out there.

After 5 years, Windows 10 has finally made it to the top. It’s found on 56% of desktops/laptop computers.

Surprisingly, Windows 7 still accounts for 26% of devices despite the fact that support ended back in January.

Windows 8.1 is on about 3% of devices and good old Windows XP is still hanging around on 1% of computers.

One thought on “Windows 10 Rules The Roost

  1. I’m running Win 10 Build 1909 only switched the end of July. Still feel that XP & Win 7 were far better overall than Win 10 which I feel is far less user friendly and much less intuitive. Microsoft loves packing their apps. with all these bells & whistle which they feel we want and need and that most of us could care less about.

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