70% Of People Use This Browser

Do you use the Google Chrome browser? If you do, you certainly aren’t alone. According to NetMarketShare, 69% of people accessing the Internet from a laptop or desktop computer use Chrome. A full 63% of people using a mobile device like a tablet or phone are also using Chrome.

Privacy-focused Firefox browser is a distant second on laptops and desktops at just under 8%. Edge is in third place at 7.23 % despite coming pre-installed on all Windows 10 computers. Internet Explorer is hanging in there at 5.55%, even though Microsoft discourages its use.

Just below IE is Safari, the default browser for all Mac computer. It pulls in 3.69% of the market share.

Despite being a favorite of many users, Opera only accounts for 1.2% of traffic.

Safari is the second most popular mobile browser, found on almost 27% of mobile devices accessing the Internet. Firefox and Opera mobile both have less than 1% of the market.

While many people express privacy concerns about Google Chrome, it doesn’t seem to be turning any users away from the product. Since Chrome doesn’t come pre-installed on either Windows or Mac computers, users go out of their way to find and download the browser.

4 thoughts on “70% Of People Use This Browser

  1. I use Google Chrome some, but my very favorite browser is Firefox. I use it both at home and it is required at my workplace as the program we use runs better on Firefox than Chrome. I might would try Edge since it has been revamped. (I absolutely did not like Edge when it first came out.) I see alot of different alternative browsers in Google Play Store, but don’t really know much about them or if they are good to use.

  2. My second answer, same as the first:
    I use Firefox and Opera, about equally. I don’t even have Chrome because I’m not a Google fan (no account, no gmail, etc.) The Chrome-based version of Edge hasn’t yet been updated to me, and I have not sought it out. I have “old Edge,” negligibly used. I haven’t used IE in years and years. I have a little Fire tablet, which has some sort of Android-based OS and comes with a browser called Silk, which doesn’t impress me, so I don’t use it. Unlike some “vertical monopolies,” Amazon allows (or at least did) people to set their tablets to accept 3rd party software without “rooting” them. So, I am using an Android version of Firefox on my tablet, which, to my recollection but I’m not sure, I downloaded directly from Mozilla. I don’t have a smartphone, so no phone browser.

  3. Cyn, I had been using Chrome with Google, but when the new Edge, made with Chrome code, came out, I gave it a try. New Edge with Google worked great, as far as I could tell just like Chrome, but with a significant reduction in ads. Then I tried it with Duck Duck Go and like it even better! That combination has become my browser/search engine of choice.

    Thanks for all your good ideas!

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