Virtual Job Interviews

Virtual Job interviews have really taken off thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. But a hiring expert I spoke to tells me that employers actually love them and they’ll probably stick with that process even after restrictions are lifted. They’re finding out it save a lot of time and money. A bonus is that potential employees seem to be more relaxed in their home environment.

Employers feel like they’re getting a better idea of the real personalities of the candidates. I spoke with a recruiter to get some tips to help you when you’re interviewing online.

Dress Up Like You’re Meeting In Person

Don’t be too relaxed in your home environment. Dress in the same type of clothes you would wear to an in-person interview. Don’t show up in your pajamas. Trust me, it’s happened.

Fix your hair, fix your face, and put on work clothes. You do have a little leeway on the shoes and the dress pants, but make sure what they can see of you looks professional.

Be Aware Of the Background

Take a quick look around your room? What are your potential employers going to see on that webcam? If there’s anything potentially offensive move it out of the way or reposition the camera.

You never know what’s going to offend someone. You art prints, political items, or even sports memorabilia might turn off an employer.

Silence any background noise that could be distracting and keep your friends, loved ones, and pets out of the interview process. You wouldn’t take them along with you to an in-person job interview, so don’t bring them to a virtual one.

Show Them Your Face

Employers don’t want to see your chest or your chin or your forehead. Put your face in the center of the screen. If you’re using a laptop, you may need to put it on a few books or a stable box.

If you’re using a tablet or phone, consider getting a stand to hold it in place. Holding a phone in your hand for an entire interview is tiring. And you may need that hand to write something down.

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