Delete Unwanted Facebook Messages

A reader had a question about Facebook’s new look:

“In the old Facebook we were able to delete messages. It appears not to be possible any more. I am not sure they removed the option but I get a number of “friends” who use messenger to send videos that I won’t open and don’t want to remain as part of this process. Are you aware of anyway to delete unwanted messages?”

Actually the process for deleting messages hasn’t really changed, though it might be a bit more difficult to see with this new look.

Open the message window and hover to the right of the item you wish to remove.

You’ll see three icons. Click on the one that resembles three dots.

Choose Remove.

Confirm that you want to remove it.

To delete something you’ve sent from a thread, hover to the right and choose Remove.

You’ll have the choice to unsend for everyone or just remove from your messages.

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