Facebook’s New Look

Like it or not, Facebook has a brand-new look in your browser. Truthfully, I’m not crazy about it. But hey, we’re stuck with it, so we might as well learn to navigate it.

Let’s start at the top. The search box for Facebook is not at the far left of your screen.

Type in here to look for people, pages, and posts. You’ll notice there’s a very rounded look to everything now.

At the top center, you’ll find shortcuts to various destinations on Facebook. The little house takes you to your homepage which is where your newsfeed it.

The flag icon takes you to a list of pages you manage. If you don’t manage any pages, you won’t see this.

Click on the video icon and you’ll see notifications about videos from pages you follow and a list of suggestions for videos, Facebook thinks you might enjoy. To get back to your regular news feed, just click on the Home icon.

Marketplace displays items for sale in your local area. Remember, these are like classifieds in a newspaper. Facebook is not vouching for any of the items for sale.

The groups icon will show you recent posts from any groups you belong to.

At the far right, you’ll find icons for your profile, messaging, and notifications.

Click on your name and photo to go to your profile page.

Click on the + icon to add a post, story, or create a life event. You can also create pages, groups, and Marketplace listings.

Clicking on the Messenger bubble brings up messages.

Click the bell icon and you’ll see notificatons.

The final icon at the top of the page is an arrow. Click it and you’ll get a drop-down menu that displays options for settings, privacy and more.

6 thoughts on “Facebook’s New Look

  1. My page is still the same but I guess they will get around to me. I’m also seriously thinking of switching over to Parler and Gab as Facebook is censoring so many posts.

  2. In the old Facebook we were able to delete messages. It appears not to be possible any more. I am not sure they removed the option but I get a number of “friends” who use messenger to send videos that I won’t open and don’t want to remain as part of this process.

    Are you aware of anyway to delete unwanted messages?

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