Rename Multiple Files

Here’s a great tip for quickly renaming multiple files in a flash. Maybe you’ve just imported a bunch of documents or downloaded a ton of photos from your camera or phone.

This nifty trick works with all types of files. Start by opening File Explorer to find the files you want to rename. These files can be on your hard drive or on an external drive.

Find the files you want to rename. I’m choose a bunch of recently downloaded images.

When you’ve found your files, select them. You can do this by drawing a box around them with your mouse or holding down Ctrl and clicking the files you want to rename. (To select all the files in a folder, hold Ctrl and press A.

Right-click on a file and choose Rename from the drop-down menu.

Type in the name for the files.

All of the shots will be renamed with a number. You may want to go back later and assign more specific names to the files. Or the new name may tell you all you need to know to easily find them and know what the content is.

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