How To Tag Someone In A Facebook Status

Some of you expressed some confusion about how to tag people on Facebook. Tagging means that you mention them by name with an active link. It’s different than just writing someone’s name in a status.

When you properly tag someone, they’re notified of the mention and (depending on their security settings) their friends will also be able to see the post or the photo.

Let’s take a look at how to do it using a browser. Start by clicking in the status window at the top of the page.

Sometimes, when you start typing a name, Facebook will offer suggestions of who you’d like to tag.

You’ll also see suggestions for pages. If you see the person or page you’d like to tag, just click on it to tag them in the status.

The tagged person or page will be highlighted in blue.

If the person or page you wish to tag doesn’t pop up as a suggestion, try typing an @ symbol and their name.

Another option is to type your status and then click the Tag icon.

You can then scroll down your list of friends or type them in the search box to find. Just click to add.

The people you tag will display in blue.

When people are tagged, they show up in blue. Click on the blue name and you’ll be taken to their profile. What you can see when you click, depends on whether or not you’re a friend of the person.

Some people do not allow others to tag them on Facebook. So, if you can’t tag someone, it may be because they don’t permit it.

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