Set Your Computer’s Clock

This tip is super-simple but it never hurts remind folks of the basics. Most of the time, your PC should have the correct time as long as you select the right time zone when you set it up.

But if that’s not the case, it’s super-simple to change the time. Right-click the time at the lower-right of your desktop.

Choose Adjust date/time from the pop-up menu.

Date & Time Settings will open.

If you don’t have settings configured to set time automatically, that may explain why your time is off.

If you need to change the time manually, slide the Set time automatically button to the Off position and click on Change under Set the date and time manually.

Enter the correct date and time. Click on Change.

You could also try clicking on Sync now to synchronize your clock with the Time server. This will only work if you’re connected to the Internet.

Right below that, make sure to check that the correct time zone is selected. If it’s wrong, click the box to select the correct time zone from the drop-down menu. One last thing to check is whether or not you’re set to automatically adjust for daylight savings time. It’s one less thing to think about.

If your computer keeps losing time, it could be a CMOS battery issue. Click here to learn about that.

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