2 New Phishing Scams

I’ve got not one but two phishing scams to show you today. Both of them arrived in my email inbox.

The first targets PayPal users. This scam claims my PayPal had been locked down because it was accessed from Afghanistan.

That little tidbit in the subject line is enough to get anyone’s attention.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is Verify your account.

If you follow that link, you’ll land on what appears to be your PayPal log-in page.

But this isn’t your actual PayPal page at all. The actual web address is something called Fdecorativeineses.com. Certainly not PayPal. These creeps want to clean out your PayPal account.

The second attempt came disguised as an urgent message from Netflix. If I click the big red button, I can restart my membership. That also involves entering my credit card number. How convenient.

There’s also a fake phone number to call.

Both of these scams try to kick in that fear response to make you click before you have time to think.

If you think there’s any issue with an account, always open up your browser and go to your account. Don’t click on the link or follow the instructions in the email.

One thought on “2 New Phishing Scams

  1. I too, was recently scammed with an email that claimed was from my Synchrony Credit Card company.. Thanks to your emails warning us about this type of email, I called Synchrony, instead of clicking on anything! If I knew how to forward that email to you, I would, so you could warn others. Keep up the good work, Cyn – it’s appreciated.


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