System Information

If you need information about your PC, System Information is the place to look. Start by typing System Information into your search box and click on the results.

This window will open.

In the left panel, you’ll see the System Summary listing Hardware Resources, Components, and Software Environment.

Look in the center pane and you’ll find information about your Windows version and built, the computer manufacturer and system model, processor, BIOS version, and more.

Click the menu tree at the left to find more detailed information about the system.

Here, I’ll click on Sound Device.

In the center panel, I can find information about my sound card and audio drivers.

Click on System Drivers

… and you can check out a list of every driver installed on your PC.

Odds are this isn’t something you’ll need to use often but if you need to find out specific information, it’s a great place to look.

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