Red Squiggly Line On My Emails

A reader is having a squiggly issue with her email:

“Whenever I type an outgoing message in my e-mail there is a red squiggly line under all of the words typed, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I have my e-mail through EMClient. Maybe you can help me with this problem.”

A red squiggly line is the universal symbol for a misspelled word in spellcheck.

If everything is underlined, you’re either a really bad speller or you you’ve accidentally switched the spellcheck to another language.

According to EmClient support, to change the language in an individual email, you can click on tools and then on Spell Check Language. The list of languages appears in a window to the right, and all you have to do is choose the one you need.

To change the settings permanently, right-click on the misspelled word and choose Spell Check Language from the drop-down menu.

Then change the Default, Mail, and Instant Messaging spell check to English (United States). I’m assuming you’re in the U.S. If not, switch it to your native language.

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