Manage Mac Storage

One of the most important parts of keeping your computer running smoothly is managing your storage space. Fortunately, Apple makes it pretty easy to do on you Mac.

Start by clicking the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and choosing About this Mac.

When this menu opens, click the Storage tab.

Your drives and the amount of data stored on them are listed. For more options, click on Manage.

This window will open. From here you can manage cloud iCloud storage, optimize your storage, empty trash, and find unnecessary files.

We’ll start with your cloud storage options. If you choose Store in iCloud, files, photos, and messages are stored in iCloud. Only recent files are stored on your Mac. Click on Store in iCloud to manage the settings.

Choose to store desktop and documents, photos, or messages. Untick the box if you don’t want items stored to iCloud by default.

Your next option is to Optimize AppleTV storage. Clicking Optimize saves space by removing movies and TV shows you’ve already viewed from the computer.

Another space-saving option is to automatically empty the trash after 30 days. Just click Turn On.

Reduce Clutter, goes through documents and other items on your computer and suggests items to delete. Click on Review Files.

You can sort through Large Files, Downloads, and Unsupported apps to find files to delete. Just highlight the ones you no longer want and hit the Delete button.

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