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Excel is some of the most useful software out there but it can be very challenging to learn. We try to offer useful tips here but there’s a site out there devoted entirely to teaching you how to use it.

This isn’t a Microsoft Tech support site put together by techs who talk over your head. This is useful step-by-step instruction.

When you arrive at the site you’ll find that there are two ways to navigate the content. You can either scroll down the page or use the navigation tabs across the top of the page. The categories you’ll find are: Introduction, Basics, Functions, Data Analysis, VBA, and 300 Examples.

Better yet, just scroll down and check out the Basics section. There was a great, big prominent add with a green START button when I visited the page. Ignore it.

You can click on any of the linked words (shown in blue) for more in-depth explanations of how everything works. This is a great way to learn Excel or brush up your Excel skills. Check it out today.

2 thoughts on “Make Excel Easy

  1. Amanda

    The site for Excel-Easy is really good but I think you should warn people that it is also easy to download programmes you don’t need. The downloading parts are right in the middle of the Excel explanations – as if they are part of the information for learning Excel. My advice would be to read everything and touch nothing but the scroll Button to start with!

    Yours sincerely, Ruth (UK)

  2. this is great but missing is: I enter text. I wrap it. the text entered becomes 4 lines. OK. If I want to change one word in the 3rd line, how do I get to that word in the bar?

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