Upgrade to Windows 10 without High Speed Internet

I told you two days ago that it’s still possible to get an upgrade to Windows 10 for free. A reader contacted me to say it sounded like a great idea but she doesn’t have high-speed Internet access.

My suggestion would be to find a friend who does. Either take your laptop PC over to their place and follow the instructions, or if you have a desktop, provide them with a USB drive and ask them to follow the instructions for creating installation media. (Click here to read that tip.)

You can then bring the drive home, stick it in your USB drive and start the installation process.

Of course, you could also purchase a Windows 10 disc and upgrade from there.

One thought on “Upgrade to Windows 10 without High Speed Internet

  1. When Windows 10 first came out I made a copy of if on my flash drive, my question to you is can I use that one or do I have to use a different one. Thank you

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