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Welcome to an amazing book resource! Brought to you by the University of Pennsylvania, The Online Books Page offers you access to over 2 million free books on the web.

This site may look barebones but, trust me, it has plenty of offer.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll categories for Books Online, News, Features, Archives and Indexes, and The Inside Story.

Get started by clicking on Books Online. There you will find the Search feature, New Listings, and the opportunity to browse by Authors, Titles, Subjects, and Serials.

This site isn’t going to win any awards for graphic design, but there’s an amazing variety of information available here. Just click on a title to start reading.

I like theĀ Feature section where you can find links to content that is collected around a theme like Banned Books.

Archives and Indexes section offers you links to find more titles and texts online through archives and indexes.

The last section is The Inside Story and it offers you links to information about the site, frequently asked questions, and how you can request a book!

This a great way to find free books to read! Go check it out today!


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