Do I Need Win 10 for Linux?

A reader had a question about switching a Windows 7 laptop to the Linux operating system.

“If Linux was put on my laptop, doesn’t Windows 10 still have to be on  there? Or is it that I have to get another laptop and put it on there?”

You absolutely do not need Windows 10 to run Linux. You would have two options. You can either install a Linux-based operating system like Mint and completely replace the current Windows 7 operating system.

Your other option would be to do what’s called a dual-boot and run both Windows 7 and Linux on the computer. You would have the choice of using either operating system when you start up your computer. However, it’s no longer safe to use Window 7 online. So, don’t use it for checking email or surfing the Internet.

Switching to Linux is a good option for those who aren’t in a position to upgrade their PC to Windows 10. The OS is free and fairly simple to use. While you can’t run Windows programs, you can find alternatives, almost all of them are free.

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