Search Privately With DuckDuckGo

If you put a priority on privacy, you may want to think about switching your search engine to DuckDuckGo.

Before I get into the features of DuckDuckGo, I want to explain that it’s a search engine not a browser. At least on your computer. A browser is a program like Chrome or Edge that allows you to access the Internet. A search engine is a service like Google or Bing or Yahoo Search that allows you to search for things online.

There is a DuckDuckGo mobile browser for your phone. Today, we’re sticking with your PC or Mac.

How is DuckDuckGo different from Google? They don’t store any of your personal information. Like other browsers, they earn money from ads on their search engine. But those ads are based on what you search for. On other services, the ads are targeted to you based on your personal information.

To search using DuckDuckGo, head to Just type what you want to look for in the search box.

Then check out the results.

Just as with Google and other search engines, you can filter results by Images, Videos, News, and Maps.

Click on the arrow next to All Regions to limit search results to your location.

Safe Search lets you filter out adult content.

Use time to filter out older results.

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