Word Find and Replace

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Yesterday, we looked at how to use Find to locate any word or phrase in a Microsoft Word document. (Click here to read that tip.) Today, we’ll take it a step further and learn how to replace any word or phrase quickly in a document.

Start by opening a document and clicking the Home tab.

Then look to the right of the ribbon menu at the top. I know, there’s a lot of stuff there. Click Replace, just under the magnifying glass.

The find an replace box will open. Click the Find tab to search for a word.

Click on More and you’ll have options for narrowing the search.

You can also search for particular fonts, paragraphs, tabs, and styles.

Click the Replace tab and you can choose replace a word or phrase with whatever you type in the replace field.

Choose to replace individually or replace all instances in a document. I’d be very careful with Replace All. Sometimes, you’ll end up replacing more than you meant to.

Click on the Go To tab to navigate to a particular page or section within the document.

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