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Here’s a handy feature of Microsoft Word that many of you are familiar with but some of you might not use very often. That’s the ‘Find’ function.

Find allows you to find a word or a phrase anywhere in a document. Let’s look at how to use it. Start by opening a document and click on the Home tab.

Then look to the right of the ribbon menu at the top. I know, there’s a lot of stuff there. Click on Find next to the magnifying glass.

The Navigation panel will open at the left. Type in the word or phrase you’re looking for.

Results will display in the navigation pane and also be highlighted in the document.

If your document is only a page or so, you can just scroll through looking for highlights.

For longer documents, you’ll probably want to use the navigation pane. You’ll have a choice of viewing by Headings.


… or Results.

Just click on any of the headings, pages, or results in the navigation pane and you’ll be moved to that location in the document.

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