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A reader reminded me of one of the best features of using Amazon Kindle eBooks.

“Hi Cyn, I’ve had an amazon Kindle for years. I just wanted to let you know that if the book you bought, rented or borrowed gets into your Kindle library you can read it on any device that has the kindle app on it. My library still has all the books on it that I had bought for Dad and he had a kindle reader but I can read them on my phone, tablet or PC. I often look up a recipe on my PC but access the book on my phone because its easier to follow a recipe on the phone, since I can take that to the kitchen. You don’t have to download it to a specific device except to get the book into your library.”

This is absolutely my favorite feature of Amazon eBooks. While I think Amazon Kindle devices are great, you can easily read your eBooks on any tablet, phone, and on your PC or Mac.

You can open up any browser and head to the Kindle Cloud reader to check out your library on any device.

You can even read Kindle books on you Nook tablet. Just go to the app store and look for the Kindle app.

To get the Kindle app for your tablet or phone, just go to the app store for your device. It is free to download. Once you sign into your Amazon account, you’ll be able to access any eBook you’ve ever purchased from Amazon.

And you’re right, all of your books are stored in Amazon’s cloud at no charge. There’s no need to download unless you happen to be reading the book.

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