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Lots of folks use Google’s search page as their homepage. It’s a pretty plain looking page, but there are options to customize it if you’re using Google Chrome.

Did you know the Google Search page allows you to save up to 10 shortcuts to your favorite or most-used websites? Let’s check it out. The plain Google search page looks like this.

To customize the page, you’ll need to log into your Google account.

To add shortcuts click Customize at bottom right of the Google Search page.

When the customize windows opens, click on Background.

If you want to use your own images, click on Upload from device.

You can also choose from Google’s images with categories like Landscapes, Textures, and Shapes.

Click on any category to see more images. Turn the slider button next to Refresh daily on to change images every day. Then click Done.

Here’s the search page with a landscape photo.

Click on Color and theme to change the colors of your browser.

You can leave the background white.

Or go really colorful.

Use a plain background or change colors to match a photo.

Click on the dropper icon to make a custom color.

Move the slider bar to adjust the color.

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  1. Dear Cyn,
    This is a wonderful article, but what if I want to get back to the defaults, You didn’t mention it.

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