Mahjong Keeps Crashing

A reader is having an issue with Microsoft Mahjong shutting down:

“When I play Microsoft Mahjong it will randomly shut down. I don’t know if it’s because so many people are working from home and the internet gets overloaded or what. It doesn’t do it all the time or only in the same place, besides there are new games every day. It’s worse in the mornings.”

It’s possible that the difficulty is related to a whole lot of people playing Mahjong at that particular time of the day and stressing the servers. It’s also possible that distance learners and folks working from home are putting a stress on your ISP.

However, I wonder if you don’t need to clear the cache for the app. There could be bits and pieces of unnecessary data there that are causing it to crash.

Start by clicking on the Windows Start Button and choosing Settings.

When Settings opens, click on Apps.

Choose Apps & Features.

Scroll down to Microsoft Mahjong and single-click.

Choose Advanced Options.

Scroll down to Reset and click on the Reset Button.

Confirm that you want to reset.

Once you reset, you’ll need to sign back in with your Microsoft account if you’re saving your game details in the cloud.

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