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A reader responded to my report about a deceptive advertising trick used by security provider McAfee. (Click here to read that article.)

If you are a subscriber to McAfee, as I am, then there are other tricks they employ as well, only one of which is constant annoying pop-ups to renew. What’s another good anti-virus package? I’m considering Norton, which I’ve had previously.

McAfee is pretty good security software, though I found that attempt to get me to sign up to border on phishing. I use and recommend Norton, but I have to tell you, they hit you up with the nag screens as well.

Like this pop-up asking me to activate additional features. I also get nags to add Norton extensions to browsers. I have AVAST installed on my Mac and get similar notices from them. That being said, I’ve been very happy with my overall Norton experience for many years.

So, I can’t guarantee you won’t get pestered to renew early or any attempts at upselling to more expensive services no matter which service you choose.

If you want a guaranteed nag-free experience, there’s always Windows Defender, the built-in security software that comes with Windows 10. They don’t have anything to sell you in the first place.

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