This week we’ve been looking at how to manage your Microsoft 365 subscription. The $99 a year subscription gives you access to Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and Access on up to 5 computers.

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Today we’ll learn how to remove devices from the subscription.  Perhaps that device has died or you’ve maxed out your number of installations and have a new device. You can remove it from a laptop you don’t really use for office work and put it on another device so your son can do homework.  

Open a browser and go to You’ll see a sign-in field. Use the email and password that was originally used when you purchased your Office subscription.

You’ll be taken to this page.

At the far top-right, click on the circle icon for your account. Then choose My Microsoft account.

Click on Microsoft 365 under Subscriptions.

Under Microsoft 365 Family, look for Install. It will show the number of installations you have used and what devices they’re on. 

Pick a device and choose Sign-out. Once you do that, you won’t be able to edit or create new Office files on that device.