Is Support Over For Me?

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A reader commented on our article about the end of support for Office 2010.

“What about Microsoft Office 2010 Pro? Is this the same thing or am I out in left field? Is support still there for this?”

Yes, I’m afraid that means you as well. Support ended for all versions of Office 2010 back on October 13.

What exactly does that mean? Microsoft no longer offers security updates, bug fixes, or tech support for any version of Office 2010. That means the software is vulnerable to attack from hackers. Office programs are a popular target for malware creators.

Does that mean Office will suddenly stop working? No, it does not. However, if it’s on a computer connected to the Internet, it could be quite vulnerable. You might also start seeing crashes since it won’t get updates

What are your options?

Free options include

  • Microsoft Office online
  • Google Docs
  • Download LibreOffice
  • Download Open Office
  • A single use installation of Office

Paid Options

  • Sign of for Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Purchase a single use installation of Office

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