Quickly Change Desktop Icon Size

Here’s a super-quick Windows tip for changing the size of desktop icons. Hold down the Ctrl key while moving the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Scroll in one direction and the icons get big.

Scroll in the opposite direction and they’ll get tiny.

Be careful, they can get really tiny or gigantic pretty easily.

One thought on “Quickly Change Desktop Icon Size

  1. Speaking of the desktop, has anyone figured out how to keep your icons to stay in place like they used to? I have wasted more time putting icons back where I want them. And then there is the problem of disappearing icons. Sometimes I find them using the Search. Other times I have to go to my backup and recover them that way. I think a few times they ended up in the Recycle Bin due to what I call the magnetic icon problem.When icons get attached to each other and go to places they don’t belong. Hope you understand what I mean.
    I only got Windows 10 when I had to this year. I don’t think I have ever had as many problems with any other computer I have had with this one.

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