Are You Watching These Top Streaming Shows?

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Nielsen revealed the top 10 streaming shows and what’s on the list might surprise you. There are much-buzzed-about Netflix and Disney Plus originals shows, but you’ll also find a whole lot of repeats of classing network programming. Nine out of the top-10 streamed shows are on Netflix. That makes sense, since Netflix boasts the most subscribers worldwide.

Let’s check out what cord-cutters were watching. The Nielsen chart shows the program, how many episodes are available and how many minutes total were streamed.

  1. Coming in at #10 was the Great British Baking Show on Netflix with 63 episodes and 530 million minutes streamed.
  2. In the #9 position was the frightening Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix. The 9 episodes saw 535 million minutes of streaming time.
  3. NCIS and its nearly 20 years worth of episodes came in at #8. There are 353 episodes and 552 million minutes were streamed by Netflix users.
  4. Another long-running procedural Criminal Minds is in the #7 position. The show’s 277 episodes were streamed for 620 million minutes.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy was just ahead in the #6 position, A full 624 million minutes of the show’s 361 episodes were streamed.
  6. A brand-new Netflix Christmas movie, Holidate, came in at number 5 with 654 million minutes streamed.
  7. Emmy-Winning Shitt’s Creek and its 80 episodes were in the #4 slot with 963 million minutes.
  8. The only non-Netflix entry on the chart is The Mandalorian on Disney Plus at #3. Its 9 episodes saw over 1 billion minutes of streaming time.
  9. At #2 is The Office. With 192 episodes, the 15-year-old sitcom also saw more than 1 billion minutes of streaming time.
  10. At the top of the heap was the new Netflix show about chess, Queen’s Gambit. The show’s 7 episodes were streamed for 1,046,000,000 minutes. Yep, 1 BILLION, 46 Million minutes. That’s a lot of minutes.

Over on broadcast and cable, football dominated the top spots. Have you checked out any of these shows? Do you have Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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