What About Pogo Tokens?

The end of Flash Player means the end of the line for dozens of games on the once hugely popular gaming site Pogo. A reader wants to know what happens to the rewards player collected over the years:

When playing pogo games players accumulate “tokens”.  Some players have millions of them. I had over 39m. I also played Trivial Pursuit and First Class Solitaire all of which gave me tokens and badges. All of these games have been eliminated.”

Unfortunately, it appears your tokens were retired with your games. Though, the company does have a new reward system called Pogis, they have stated that they want to move away from the idea of tokens and come up with a different reward system.

According to the company, there is a consolation prize for those who lost tokens. “Your final token count will be immortalized and enshrined forever in your profile. And, as a special bonus, we will be awarding players extra bonus Challenges based on their token counts. The more tokens, the more Challenges. These Challenges will offer a high number of Pogis as rewards, letting you light up the Constellations faster. You can even save them for a later Constellation if you want.”

This situation is a bit like when a favorite restaurant chain closes down and you’re stuck with a wallet full of gift cards.

To be fair to Pogo, the loss of Flash Player totally upended their business through no fault of their own. All Flash-based games were going to quit working whether they liked it or not and they’ve basically had to redesign their whole business model in a time where smartphone games are cutting deeply into their business.

They’ve shifted many games to other platforms like HTML 5. Unfortunately, shifting games to another platform isn’t as simple as just copying and moving the game. Games have to be completely rebuilt and reprogrammed

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