Associate Email Account In Windows 10

A reader is having an issue associating an email account with Windows 10.

“I am running Windows 10 Pro and can’t get files to be sent by mail. When I right click on a file a pop up box comes up with different choices with “Send to” as one of them. I then select “Mail recipient” however when I select that option a dialogue box comes up and says: “There is no mail program associated to perform the required action . Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.” I have done everything I can find with the help option, but nothing works. I have Gmail and Yahoo installed and have tried to associate with my mail icon, but to no avail.”

You won’t be able to associate a web-based email client with Windows 10. You’ll need to select an app or program such as the built-in Windows email app, the Outlook email client that’s part of Office, or the great, free email client download Thunderbird.

If you don’t already have your email set up in those apps, it’s usually a pretty easy process to add them. You may add multiple accounts. When you send a document or click on a link in a document, you’ll be asked which account you wish to use to send.

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